I lost 4.2kg in one week!

Its been a few days since my last blog.. A little has changed..
Ive altered my diet and training slightly, focusing less on actually boxing and more on eating less/cleaner and training harder..

I did hit quite an achievement though.. I lost 4.2kg in one week!

How did I do it you ask?? well.. I didnt.. but I did..

On the 26th July I weighed in at 107kg, my current PB.. The following day I rocketed up to 109.3kg.. It was at this point I realised something was not right with my training/exercise.. I was doing something wrong..

Ok so I looked over my food intake and it was a bit high each day, however I was training incredibly hard..  Every time I did 500calories of exercise on the treadmill I would then track it in my app as 500 calories of exercise.. It would then add an extra 500 calories to my eating plan.. This meant I could eat 500 more calories per day… Turns out this was having a bit of a negative effect on my weight loss goal…

So I continued to do what I do.. Eating less, working out, just not tracking the workouts.  Last week was pretty good, and I went from 109.3kg to 105.1kg, and achieving a new PB of 104.8 two days after that… So was it really a loss of 4.2kg?  Not really.. However it was defineately a loss of 2kg for the week.. Which is still a fantastic result in my eyes and I am very happy with it!

Some side effects I had were clear.  I definately felt run down during the working day.. Actually opting to leave work early two days.. One I just felt so run down, I got home and smashed out 8 hours of sleep, followed by a 1km jog/walk with the Missus.. Then another 4 hours of sleep..
The other early escape from work was on my last shift of the week, and I just wanted to get out of there.. My knee was a bit sore from the jog..

Overall.. A very good week… Do I think I will be able to maintain this for another 2 weeks before arriving in Thailand.. Possibly… Will I be able to maintain whilst I am there and training.. Absolutely not!!! HAHA

Heres a graph of my current weightloss.



-Big W


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