A new day.. A new achievement

I woke up this morning with a positive attitude.. Its not Sunday, but its my Sunday… Shift workers will understand.. Sunday isnt Sunday without Sunday Breakfast, so the missus made me some pancakes.. I resisted the urge over over eating them because they are already bad enough as they are, no need to have a giant stack of them!

After breakfast I suggest we go for a jog.. Its a beautiful day, and to my suprise the lady actually said yes.. So I quickly get ready and wait for her, and an hour later we are out side ready to jog.  Just before I go for the morning run, as is tradition with any exercise I do, I pop into the gym to use the regular scales, and have hit another new personal best of 105.7!!!!!  I was in no way expecting this after yesterdays PB.. I never expected to see the 105 on the scales.


Great start to the morning.

We head out to the park, ive got my phone strapped to my arm, feeling like a beast!
We take off jogging at a slow pace, I tell the missus to lead the way.  We jog for a bit and then she stops, shes out of gas, I yell motivating slogans at here.. No man (or woman) left behind attitude, and we push on until we get to the end of the track.. It wasnt the biggest of runs but she was clearly out of gas and had resigned to the fact she would be walking back.. She tells me to go on without her… And as the gentleman I am… I take off running!

After doing the track once, we meet up almost where we started.  She tells me Ive only been going for 15 minutes, and have done a distance of 2.5km.  So I decide its time to KEEP GOING!  I didnt quite finish the second part of the track I eventually ran out of gas.

In the end it turned out being 3.5km in 22 minutes… Not bad for a first attempt in my opinion!

The results were quite… sweaty.. but felt great and the view at the end was quite rewarding.


I plan on doing this run a few times a week, hopefully I can continue to shred the final few kilo’s before heading off to Thailand.  Even if I dont hit my target of 100kg by the time training starts, I know its kinda crucial I can atleast hit the 5km in 30 minutes.

Really proud of the missus aswell, giving it a go with me.  It was a bit tougher on her because unlike me, she hasnt been training every day, so for her to get out and give it a go was really admirable!

-Big W



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