Breaking the Plateau

On Jun 21, I weighed in at 108.3.. Fast forward to July 26, 107… There were some fluctuations along the way, heading up to the 110s, and hitting 107 a few times.. But 1.3KG in over a month is not exactly the pace I want to have.

I was getting pretty discouraged with the lack of progress.. I was going over everything, tracking the weight, doing the exercise.. Staying on that point of what is a good amount of food to consume per day..

I couldn’t understand what was going wrong… Then it hit me… Ive been doing everything wrong for the last 7 months!

I am feeling pretty stupid about this one.. The results were coming in, I was losing weight.. How much faster could it have been though?!

Oh well, today I broke the plateau.. To give you an idea, the previous weigh in was 2 days prior (a monday), at 107.5, and the day before that was a whopping 109.3!!! So yes alot of water weight but I wasnt quite sure why..

I decided that in order to get past this little plateau I would have to do something drastic, so I stopped tracking!!…. The exercise.  Yes I am still tracking the food intake, I have to.. I know if I dont track the intake of food it will be the worst possible thing for me as far as my body goes.

The biggest problem with tracking my weight was that it was showing me the calories burned.  Say I do 45 mins on the treadmill, and burn 500calories, it would add 500 to my daily food intake as a negative.  So, my 1800 odd calorie deficit would suddenly turn into 2300.. I knew this ofcoarse.. But my app continued to state I was under my daily limit by 500 calories.. Which I was foolishly under the impression I had to eat back.. So I did.. And unfortunately sometimes I ate over that aswell…

SO starting this monday I am trying a week of eating my borderline 1800odd calories for the day, still with exercise.. I am kinda worried about under eating… Will keep you updated on how it goes.



-Big W



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