My biggest regret..

Apart from getting to the weight I got to.. As far as this year has gone and the steps I have taken.. I would have to say ive got two big regrets.

I never took a before picture and I never had my measurements taken.

I know the reason why I didnt take the before picture. Its not the first time ive attempted to change my body. Its also not the second…. or third. No if you asked me what attempt it was I honestly couldnt tell you.. What I can tell you is that each other time I set out to change I took those dreaded awful photos.

So i really wish I did this time because this time ive actually accomplished something decent. Im gwtting the compliments. The wows. The questions of whats your secret. Its a great feel I just would like to have a before shot.

The second one of measurements. Ive only tried this one in the past. And again I wish I did it. Because when I was doing cardio only and the weight stripped I knew it was working. However as I gradually started adding in resistance training I really hit a plateau. It would have been great to have that information available to me that tells me even though the scales are not changing.. my arms are getting bigger but waist is getti g smaller. At this stage I honestly cant tell.. well I kinda can.. im feeling great.

So to sum it up if yiur thinking of making a change. Snap those before pics. You dont even have to look at them. Hide them away. And get those measurements.. they might just come in handy.

-Big W


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