Recovery Day

Yesterday was an eventful day. It started with a Muay Thai PT session. Starting off with some conditioning. Followed by some pad work and then working on a bit of technique. I wanted it to simulate a bit of what its going to be like in Thailand. It kind of did however…it was missing that unbearable (when training) heat…

This session had me pretty exhausted and I literally just laid around the rest of the morning watching some movies and chikking out.

In the afternoon I hit up my old sparring class.. Ive been waiting to return to this for ages… but the minutes ticked by and no one was arriving.. I was the only one to show up… I guess everyone is scared of me…

I went and joined the boxing class as a bit of a warmup until someone was ready to spar.

I guess the good thing about only having 2 people in sparring is the trainer really got a chance to focus on our form…well.. my form..Since the other guy was so experienced it was really only me who was getting the pointers. In a way it felt like another PT session.

I did take a few good hits. Got knocked down once. A bruised shin and a slight cut on the lip. But really this was an eye opener (not literally..thank god) as to how my neglect for sparring has affected my overall skill level.

So today is my recovery day. I woke up, with the sorest legs ever. No gym today…. so next minute im at the gym. Decided to do a 30 min walk on the treadmil followed by some light upper body weight training. Seeing as my lower body is in so much agony.

Also weighed in at 107.3kg.. so still having a bit of trouble cracking the 107 < achievement.. kinda disapointing. I am sure if I didnt go and ttain so many weights and eat the carb fuel I do do for the energy then I would be a few kilo’s lighter. But I accept the path ive taken as I believe its the best for my goals.

-Big W


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