Getting Close.

Wake up at 5am.. hit snooeze.. 5:30, again snooze.. 6am… OK IM UP!

Step one, cook up a lovely breakfast, training will be starting in an hour.

Today is the first day I am going to attempt two workouts in one day.   The first one was a 1 on 1 PT session at the gym.  It is the first time I have ever done one, and I kinda wanted to give it a go for a long time.  It was alot of fun and I learnt a fair bit.  Will be doing atleast two more sessions before I fly out.

The second workout is also going to be a pretty intense workout, and its starting in 2 and a half hours time.  I will be returning to my old gym for a bit of sparring action.  Not only are these sparring classes one hell of a workout, but it will be good to get a bit of defense in my skillset again.  The past 6 months have been just focused on cardio, alittle bit of weights… A lot of injuries…. But the bag never hits back.. And I feel like im kinda losing that side of Muay Thai, so much attack, so little defence..

As for my weight, last time I blogged which was only a few days ago, I was quite disapointed with my results of 108.6.  I am desperate to see a new fancy number on them scales, and today I did… well kinda…

I hopped on the scales, 107 popped up.. Then went down to 106.9… then back to 107…


So there is is, I am back to my personal best.  Not exactly over the moon about it.. but I did get to have a little laugh at the scale ticking down to the 106 region before flicking back.. Who knows, maybe if I had of skipped breakfast.. Ahh well..

As long as I survive tonights Sparring session… See you next time.

-Big W


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