What a day…

2am.  Wake up, well rested.. Make breakfast.  Keep it healthy.

3am.  Arrive at work, fresh as can be, black coffee.

4am. Protein bar, healthy choice, low carb. Tasty.

5am. Opted to do a different role I usually decline at work. Feeling positive.

8am. Halfway through shift, time for a fruit. Apple, green.

11:55am. Quiting time, suns out. lovely day. Feeling great.

12:15pm. At home, having sushi, salmon, raw with a smoothie. Counting Calories, still good.

2pm. Time for gym. excited to weight myself, expecting a great loss.. Been working hard, watching the food intake.

2:15pm. Weigh myself. 108.6kg, 1.6kg higher than my PB of 107… And still same weight as two days prior.

2:16pm. Contemplate walking out of the gym, eating a block of cheese and watching a movie.

3pm. Finished my workout.  Looking like a beast.


Basically thats all I gotta say.. I am really disapointed with the way my body has been reacting lately…  Nothing else to add.

Until next time…


-Big W



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