A Change of plans

Ive had to mix up my holiday a bit.  The girlfriend wasnt extremely happy with me leaving her for a few weeks.. So I got home one day.. Made some phone calls, changed my flights around, booked her a ticket aswell.. And now, she is coming with me!

Well.. Kinda..

I have moved my trip forward by a few days and I am taking her with me before my training starts.. A last minute chance to do some shopping, eat some healthy (and possibly not so healthy) food, and spend some quality time together.

The plan at the moment is to spend a few days in lovely Bangkok together, then when I head to the camp I will be seeing her off at the airport, where she will fly to her home country to spend some quality time with her friends and family that shes been away from for the last two and a half years.

So great.. Im off to train for two weeks after that…..

Not quite.

No Then her and her parents are going to Singapore for a few days, and its her fathers birthday, and he has also never met me.  So without hesitation I booked a flight in the middle of my training!! I dont regret it, not at all.. I am looking forward to meeting him and also seeing Singapore.. So that will be fun.. I really just wish I could have more time to train…  I dont know… maybe… live in Asia.. Not need to work for a living… The dream right?!

Oh well.. After a few days in Singapore I will head back to Bangkok for another 5 or so days.. I believe.. Where I will resume my training.  I also arrive on a saturday afternoon so I will possibly go and check out a fight night somewhere.. Maybe even join in.. just kidding.. or am I?… I am..

So yeah, a few changes to the whole routine.  Like I said there are no regrets, however its just annoying that I will miss a few of them crucial days..  Im kinda inclined to think that those few days will probably be really beneficial.. Because even though I am dropping alot of weight for this event, Im not exactly sure I am anywhere near ready for it anyway.. Infact im 99% sure im gonna be absolutely stuffed by the end of the first week.

I am really looking forward to my extra few days in Thailand.  This blog will definately get alot more interesting when I actually have a bit of interesting content to put in it.. Instead of, oh hey I lost another .3 of a kilo this week!

Thats it for now. Stay tuned


-Big W


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