44 days to go!

Its been a few weeks since my last post.. And I wanted to update this blog but honestly.. I didnt really have anything interesting to add.  The last month hasnt been so eventful.  Infact I hit quite a plateu.  I was tracking my progress, writing down every form of activity, tracking every calorie.. but the scales kept hanging around the mid 108kg mark.

Yesterday I jumped on the scale, weighed myself, and I had shot up an every KG to a wonderful 109.1 from a previous 107.9!

Now I am no beginner when it comes to the scales so this didnt shock me, because people dont simply gain 1.2kg in a day for no reason.  It was pretty clear that a cheat meal that I had (and kinda regretted…kinda) was causing a bit of water retention.. No, what actually did shock me was today when I hopped on the scale I watched as it ticking around the LOW 107’s… then it got to 107.4…. 107.3… 107.2 … 107.1… 107! for a new PB!!!


So please excuse me if I sound a bit hyped, but today marks my 15KG weight loss since beginning in mid January.. I was kinda kicking myself throughout this journey.. A few times I went off the rails a bit but got back on track fairly quickly.. A lot of times I got a bit discouraged… But 15 KG (or 33lb.. cause it sounds bigger it sounds better) in just over 6 months.. hey.. suddenly it doesnt look so bad.


As it may be noticed, my attempt at getting to under 100 before starting my training is.. well … It doesnt look promising.. but I am ok with that.

Just a short blog about my bragging of losing what I consider to be alot 🙂


-Big W


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