8 weeks to go :S

Alot has happened in the last few weeks.  I didnt see any little pieces of it as being blog worthy… So I chose not to… That and I have been quite busy.

Another blog, another injury…. Maybe injury is the wrong word.. Sympton would be more appropriate.. This was actually quite concerning aswell.  I decided to get it checked out..

First measure I took was I stopped my regular training, and started walking on the treadmill each day instead.
I also went to the doctors, and explained what was going on.  We agreed a blood test would be in order, and a scan.  Since I was there he also asked me if I wanted a urine test aswell to ensure my kidneys were functioning, no STDs, all that jazz.. Why not hey..

So I have my blood test, and just like the manly man I am, I fainted.. Woke up to a bunch of people standing over me.. dazed and confused, almost took a swing at the male nurse.. Glad I didnt..

A few days went by, I had my scans, and returned to the doctor… The good news is all tests came back ok which is a great relief.  The bad news is I dont know what is causing my issue, 8 weeks to go hopefully it settles down.

As far as my training is going.  On top of my walking I have also been doing a bit of weights training, just a light to moderate full body workout.  Been doing it for about two weeks now, 2 – 3 times a week.  And today was also my first boxing session at the gym..

My weight has shown a bit of progress, pretty sure last time I bloged I was stuck in a plataeu around 112 or 111.  As soon as I started walking a kilo stripped off, and then another, and today I weighed in at a new personal best of 108.1, pretty happy about that.


I realise the next 8 weeks are going to be tough, I really hope I hit my target of 100kg on the 27th August.

-Big W


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