Which is quicker, losing or gaining

When I started tracking my food intake/exercise at the beginning of the year, I couldn’t help but ignore the giant rise in the weight over time.


Look at that
6 months, 21 days, and I gained 6.6kg, or 14lb!  Just packing it on…  Don’t get me wrong, the ride up that roller coaster  was amazing.. Then When I got to the top and realized where I was, looking down at the road ahead.. I figured it was gonna suck, and at times it does, but its always quite enjoyable aswell..

Now look at this
4 months, 16 days, 11.8kg, or 26lb.. and I am not even happy with that.. Sure I am bragging about it, cause to me its quite an achievement.  I am unhappy because I slacked off a fair bit.. but that’s not my point here..

The point is, if you put your mind to it,  watch what you eat, take care of your health and hit the gym.  The journey will be faster that you think…

-Big W


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