Half year down, halfway there

Today reaches another milestone in my recent weight loss history.  I jumped on the scales hoping for a bit of progress, and am proud to say that today that progress was achieved.  I have hit 110.2kg, which is 11.8kg down from my starting weight and also means I am back on track to achieving my goal of 100kg before jumping on a plane to Thailand.  It was a bit bumpy there, with a large halt in progress which you’ll see below.

The main motivator was the app I was using.  Because I have this problem whenever I lose weight, the compliments come rolling in, and I get a bit relaxed, and treat myself more, and slack off more, and track less, and next minute, not only have I undone all my hard work, but I have also passed my starting weight…

I use LoseIt! as the app of choice for all my tracking needs, and it has a wonderful little feature in there that tells me when I am expected to hit my target weight based off my current trends.  I am not entirely sure how accurate it is.. But it knew based off my eating, and decline in weight loss, that I was set for my current weight at August 28… One day after I arrive in Thailand.  Doesn’t sound to bad, except the day before was August 27, and the day before that was August 25… Had I have kept on the same path, perhaps today it would be Sept 10….. But its not, it is currently sitting at August 15! Given me a wonderful two weeks extra.. YAY!

Here is a copy of my current weight loss graph, having lost 11.8KG since mid Jan.


I was planning on changing my shirt size at work after I reached under 110kg, however fate forced me to do it when I arrived at work to find my shirt was not ready and I have to get a spare one, and they were missing my size and forced me to go down a size.. I was quite nervous, until I put it on… It fit, so well.. I felt great..

The same has been going for all my clothes.. Pants are starting to fall down at the gym so I need to tighten them up a bit.  I am able to get out old shirts I haven’t worn in a long time because they were simply too tight and my man boobs were showing..

Yes its all going well…. not quite

Current injuries..  yes.. again.. and again

Wrist injury
I went a bit too hard at the gym, and injured my wrist a week ago.. The healing has been going quite quick which is great!  But it means no boxing and weights until it is completely better.

Shin Splints
I’m still getting a lot of pain in my shins when I perform high impact activities, skipping, and jogging.  I guess they just hard designed to carry a heavy guy like myself… Well.. not for the amount I was pushing them.. So all kicking, running, and skipping is off the table now as well.

I have taken up walking as my new form of exercise.  Every morning when I wake up I head down to the gym, hop on the treadmill, set an incline and decent walking pace.. and for the next how just watch a movie on my phone.. Highly recommended, especially for someone who likes to watch movies and has a hard time balancing gym and couch time 😀

Thats it for the update


-Big W


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