A new injury.. a new strategy

Things were going well..I was still training, still eating, maintaining my size (well that parts not going so well!)

Ive even found a training buddy, we had a spar, and since he has actually had a few fights under his belt its fair to say he won the boxing side of it.  When it came to kickboxing, well… He won that aswell.. but I did manage to land a few kicks and feel more in my element..

But back to progress.. In the past week I decided I would give running a go.. The positive was I can easily jog for 10 mins without stopping.. Years ago the idea of jogging 10 mins was unheard of.. so thats good..

The bad news is I keep getting shin splints.. I put this down to the combination of Jogging/Skipping I have been doing.. So I have decided to take a week or two off doing any exercise that punishes the shins as much as those two do.

Now yesterday I had a nice workout, but today I woke up with great wrist pain.  I am hoping it is a short lived pain so I can get back into it.. But until it heals I have decided I will settle for 1 hour of fast walking on an incline at the gym.

Today is exactly three months from when I will land in Thailand.. I am still at 112kg mark, so 12 to go within the next 3 months.  Is doable, as long as I dont behave like I did over the previous month.

Even though 100kg isnt really something many would be proud of saying they are.. I know I will be damn proud!

-Big W


One thought on “A new injury.. a new strategy

  1. try switching up your cardio and the high impact exercises. Have tried incorporating yoga into your fitness routine. It’s an excellent way to give your body a break from the high intensity forms or exercise but it has the added benefit of helping the body heal itself. I’d like to hear how that goes.


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