I dont feel the greatest writing this..
Everything was going so well..
However I need to be honest with myself.. The evidence is very, very clear.  I have slowed down my weightloss significantly.. and if trends continue I wont reach my goal..

Initially when I started, I was on track for hitting my target around early July.. Ofcoarse that would change daily, it would bounce around, but the main area was early July… Now.. Even though Ive been pushing myself in the gym, the evidence from my food intake proves that.. perhaps I havent been taking it as seriously as I could…

Lack of running
I know some things which have changed and could have possibly contributed to my slow down, one was I stopped running, so I will be getting back into that very shortly, however.. Not on the treadmill.. To be honest I did not enjoy that at all.. I will be taking it outside.. I mean why not! While I train in Thailand they will be getting out and running for 5km every morning.. Do I really want to be the fat guy back at camp who comes out an hour later…”Oh hey.. yeah the run.. missed it today.. decided to snooze”… well.. Kinda.. But no, not really..  So I know I need to bump up the training in that aspect alot.. And to be honest I really thought I would be out running by now.. I can chuck legitimate excuses out there, but theyre only partially to blame.. The majority of it is still on me.

Lack of good nutrition
My eating habits can 100% improve I know that for sure.. my partner is very supportive of my weightloss.. and healthy eating.. However.. shes also supportive of the thai takeaway down the road.. and I guess.. So am I 🙂

As you can see by the graph below.. My weightloss has continued, however it was slowed down alot.. So much that I actually lost an entire month.. Wonder where I will be at July 3rd.. It will suck knowing.. I could have already been at the finish line..

-Big W



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