The Good, the Bad… and.. the injury

The Injury
Its been awhile since I blogged.. its been awhile since I did anything really..  Yesterday was my first day back at the gym after 3 days off.. I tell you what those 3 days were a nightmare.. I woke up early one morning, and as I jumped out of bed I felt incredibly pain around my neck.  I must have slept bad, or the sudden run across the room to shut off my alarm before it woke up my parter must have done it…

So I spent the next 3 days recovering, atleast it was quick.. The first day was not fun at all.. Those moments where you need to look behind you and have to turn your entire body.. or the random person who decides to lovingly tackle you at work from behind with a great big bromatic hug… usually I approve.. just not that day..

The Bad
Anyways.. So I return to the gym yesterday after recovering and take it easy, postphoning the weight session till today and just going easy on the bag.  I start my routine, put my boxing gear next to the bag, the skipping rope in the stretching area.. mark my teritory.. Head to the fountain for some fresh water for my water bottle and hit the scales..  Honestly anything under 114kg and I would have been happy.. my last few days of eating were not the greatest, combined with a lack of exercise… 113.5kg, so I was happy.. yet disapointed.. It was a bit of a jump from my PB of 111.9kg.. but I was sure with a bit of dedication I could get back there..

Finally.. The Good
So I returned to the gym today, did my routine.. skipping rope in the stretching area.. walk past the boxing bag, not today.. fill water bottle and hit the scales.. The good news is I am back to my PB of 111.9Kg… So I am delighted to say.. even though the past month has shown know real improvement… atleast I didnt gain..

My tracking app (loseit) says I am predicted to hit my target weight of 100kg on Aug 1.. Lets hope that is the case.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but everything is booked for September and paid for with pretty much a no refund policy, so theres no turning back now..


-Big W


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