New PB, a big relief!

Yesterday, I was eating like crazy.. I couldnt stop myself!

The day started off like any normal typical day someone would have…. get up at 1am and head to the gym..  Maybe not so typical..
After the gym, a healthy breakfast and off to work.
A protein bar during shift and lots of water.
A egg white wrap for a nice healthy lunch..
Then.. work finished and the real struggles began.

I head out and pick up my friend, quite hungry we stop in to the local supermarket.  I am looking at labels, all I want is something to feed my hunger until we can eat, which isnt for another 2 hours due to a condition he is dealing with…I look at the KJ on a donut at the supermarket, and its 25% of my daily food budget.. I settle for a small tub of yogurt and an ice coffee.. Which I took a sip of and chucked out…

Problem is because it was so bad I needed something to wipe the aweful taste out of my mouth.. I head for a bakery and grab a custard bun.. satisfied..

After we finish my friends appointment we sit down for lunch.. We get some fried chicken which was also very, very disgusting.  I chuck half of it out and back to the bakery I go, this time for a chocolate roll thingy… it also wiped out the horrible taste with something more satisfying..

We end up staying out very very late and I decide to pick up some food for the way home, I opt for Thai food, a bit of pad see ew chicken… I managed to pick the one place which does not make a pad see ew very good… didnt know that was possible.. again I eat half of it.. But damn what an unsatisfying gym…

Anyways point of the story.. I lost weight!
Ive hit a new personal best for the entire previous yeah by an entire KG. Which, given yesterdays bakery binge I am quite suprised.

There really isnt anything to update this past week.. I Guess I was feeling a big down because I realised over the last month I hadnt really moved at all as far as weight loss was concerned.  I have added resistance training in, and will be adding jogging and yoga/stretching over the next week. need to get flexible…


-Big W


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