Long day

Its been a long day. Wake up incredibly sore.. and its off to the hospital.. not for me thankfully.. just helping someone else.. so im going to take this opportunity to do alittle blogging whilst I wait..so excuse me if something doesnt make sense.. my first attempt at doing this on a phone instead of PC.

The reason I am sore is that I am adding in weights to my workout routine. I finished my tuesday with a good chest and back routine.. with a bit of abs..but only a bit because I was exhausted.

Wednesday I cut a cardio session short because of the lack of energy and the overwhelmingly sore muscles all through my upper body.

I am feeling much better today however not sure if ill get a chance to go to the gym tonight. Depends how i feel after the day of hospital hopping and also how sore my body is.

On to the good stuff. I am mega excited about the upcoming trip. A few days ago I purchased my flight at a bargain price which could not be ignored.


  • Accomodation.. check
  • Flights..check
  • 100kg… 
  • Flexible…

Still a bit to go. The weight is still as of last time i weighed myself.. steady at 113.5.. which is 112.9 off my personal best.. but theres a good indication that I need to get my act together on the nutrition and diet.

Just a small update today.. now its time to get back to blankly starring at the tv in this lovely waiting room

-Big W


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