Where DID the time go?!

Its been a few around two weeks since I posted anything?  Why?  I guess, there’s been some personal stuff going on in my life.  Some good, some bad, some horrible…  The good news is I am still training, and I hit my new personal best for the past year, of 112.9kg.  The bad news.  Work as been quite taxing on time… After taking on a new promotion I not only find myself working longer days, but longer weeks.  Only have 4 days off in the last 19 days.. Sounds pretty brutal, but tomorrow is my last day before I get a good solid two days off in a row, so I am looking forward to that..

As for the horrible news.. well.. that can wait for another day 🙂

The training has not been going so great, special thanks to the shin splints stopping me from jogging, and the whole.. well.. easter thingy 🙂

But like I said, I hit my new PB as far as weight loss goes.. I have also been hitting the gym quite often, however not as often as I like.

I am still working on bumping up the cardio side of my workout.  And on Monday (cause I figured Monday would be a good day..) I will be taking on a modified P90X program.. Ive done P90X a few times, with some great results without even completing the full 90 days!  The modifications I will be doing will be skipping the cardio routines it offers and sticking to my skipping/heavy bag workout and on the other day I will be taking to jogging outside (on grass I guess… would be a better idea ive been told).

Last time I mucked around with my blog I added a countdown widget, which said 5 months till I land.. And like I said in the title where did the time go?! I literally just lost 20% of my time to prepare.. Not that I haven’t been preparing, but it is sneaking up on me.

Another point to note is with the P90X plan I will be attempting to follow the nutrition plan that comes with it, again modified because I am fussy as hell, but even when I modify it, which I did last year, I found myself dropping a few KG within 2 weeks…. then my apartment flooded and I had to find a new place, and the stress of moving and blah blah I went back to eating crap and used that as a great excuse..

But I am looking forward to the new challenge.. especially considering the guns I got from P90X the first time I tried it many years ago.. lets hope

-Big W

also no good picture to add to the blog, so here is a chart of my weight loss.downdown(


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