Rate my workout

I am always looking for ways to better myself.  Fitness is great because its something we can control.  If we work hard, and focus we can get great results.  If we are lazy or sloppy little will happen.

I have been doing everything on my own.  Planning my own workouts, keeping track of my food, and pushing myself.  Taking breaks when I need them to avoid injury, and gradually building on my routines.

My kickboxing routine started out as:
(everything is 50/50 Orthodox/Southpaw)
100 straight punches
100 double jabs
100 cross
100 high hooks
100 low hooks
then finish up with some leg kicks

It soon evolved to:
3 minute rounds x 3
combination of kicks and punches
followed by some kicks

Then it became:
3 minutes x 3
followed by 6 rounds at 30 seconds
speed boxing/kicking/knees/speed boxing/kicking/knees

Now finally it is:
3 rounds of skipping at a moderate pace
3 rounds of 4 minutes kickboxing
5 rounds of 1 minute
punching/kicking two rounds each, followed by 1 minute of kneeing the bag.

This usually has me pretty soaked by the end of the session.. My question is..

What would you do to add on to the next part of this workout?

This workout also plans to only be once a week, twice perhaps if I feel like going on my rest day.

Feedback and advice greatly appreciated!!!

-Big W


One thought on “Rate my workout

  1. I’m no expert on training routines, but I figured I’d offer up a couple of points based on my own workouts.

    Skipping is a good warm up so keep that in there.

    Not sure why you vary the times of the rounds, is there a reason for that? Would have thought 5 or so 3 minute rounds would be better. I like to start off with 2 rounds of boxing, adding in kicks, from the third.

    I try to give each round a move to focus on, for example elbows, and try out different combinations which utilise that move. You can work on different ways to set them up or follow them up.

    Another thing I’ve found useful is to add in a 3 minute round of just teeps (both legs) focusing on balance and speed. It feels like a long time, but it helps a lot.

    And then end every session with 100 kicks each side. If 100 is bearable, up the number.

    – Arron


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