Shin splints could ruin it all?!

Its 3:21am, and ive been up for just under two hours.  Breakfast is done and settled, and ill be heading to the gym in about 40 minutes or so.

I am feeling great.. I just had my first rest day from the gym, and honestly I should be having more than one a week.. but when it comes to rest days I actually find myself skipping them far more than I should.

Unfortuneately I will have to skip something, and thats running for a few weeks. Which I really, really, REALLY, do not want to do. Its something ive neglected for years and its something I need to be able to do.
I know for a fact when I arrive in Thailand I will be doing a 5 – 6km run every morning, and the idea of being at the back of the pack huffing and puffing  while they all casually jog along terrifies me.
The reason for skipping running is because I believe ive developed shin splints.  It happened after I did 20 mins of running about .. 5 days ago… I got off the treadmill, went to do a bit of skipping.. skipped for about 20 seconds and then packed it up, went home and laid down.  There was a bit of pain but after awhile it went away.
The next time I hit the gym to do a bit of kickboxing and skipping I noticed a bit of pain when kicking the bag.
Ive made the decision after reading up about shin splints that I should definately take a break from jogging, and possibly kicking the hell out of the bag, for atleast two weeks.
Maybe even buy some new shoes, and switch from the treadmill to outdoor running on grass.. Thoughts anyone?

On a positive note, My weightloss is still going quite well. My initial short term goals were simply, 1kg per week.. Well I hopped on the scale the other day and watched it tick around 113.8/9 before finally settling on 114 even.  Very happy with this result, and although I was stuck around the same weight for around two weeks, this 114 mark put me on exactly 8kg loss since Jan 14th which puts me on just over 10 weeks.
This means I wasnt losing 1kg per week, but I was close at 0.8kg which I am still happy with, considering I have had a few obstacles in my path, including my birthday, and 2-3 weeks of illness or injuries which prevented any physically activity.

According to my tracking app I have 100 days to my goal
Which is amazing if I can achieve that, considering that will give me almost 2 months till my training camp begins..

-Big W




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