Why you should keep track

This may not apply to everyone.. But it certainly applies to me!

You hear it everywhere.  The key to weight loss is tracking your food!  They even ran it over the speaker at my old gym, it said something like “people who track their food are 85% more likely to lose weight!”

Im not quite sure if thats true or not.. Infact I have lost weight in the past without tracking my food intake…. However I also have gained weight by not tracking, as you will see in my tracking over the past year.

Below is my rollercoaster.. I hate rollercoasters.. they have never seemed fun to me… who likes going up really slowly. then suddenly dropping… I guess most people actually.. Anyways here are my results over the past year.  You will see what happens when I stop tracking myself.


I like this picture.. It reminds me that I need to be taking that few minutes every day to write down what ive eaten, done, and weighed in at each day… Because if I dont.. I might just creep up that awful rollercoaster again, and have to do that sudden drop.

Cant wait to get off this rollercoaster thats for sure.

-Big W


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