The effects of drinking

Im not talking about the positive effects.. having a great time, meeting new people, convincing your best buddy to spontaneously book a flight to join you in thailand to which he will wake up the next morning and go… “Did that just happen?!” meanwhile I wake up and think, surely that did not happen.. untill I check my phone and see a message saying “F.. you!”

Getting off track…

No what im talking about is the effect drinking will have on your weightloss goals.  Have you ever seen someone mention to you.. “Oh you want to lose weight.. cut back drinking!”

Ive heard it a few times.. problem is.. I dont really drink that much.. not compared to some people.. When my weekends hit I usually just keep to myself, I am kind of over that scene.  Specially now im in my 30s and there seems to be alot of young 20s out there I kinda feel out of place..

The only time I really do drink, is maybe once every 2 or 3 months, with 1 friend.  We will go out and put a few coins in the pokies, have a few beers, and a laugh.  Sounds innocent right.


Below are two images of my daily fuel intake.  I work out all my food intake not in calories, but in KJ (energy).

The image on the left is from my day of drinking.  As you can see it is almost double the budget for the day.

It included no exercise because drinking then working out would not be the smartest idea.
The image on the right, although I slightly went over that day aswell, was almost smack on target, and includes a workout aswell.

15th March was my worst day this year (since Jan 12th) when I started tracking.  I dont think I want to have another one of those any time soon.

The damage might not have been so high if I didnt get cravings, and in my drunken state decide to treat myself to a wonderful McFlurry, which I did and it was amazing.. but not worth the damage it did.

So yeah heres another poorly  written blog that might stress the effects alcohol has on weight loss.

Bad calories from beer
Poor eating choices
Missed exercise
and hopefully some good times :O

-Big W



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