It Continues…

Its been a few days since my first blog.  I did intend to follow it up the following day, however I did have alot on my plate and didnt get a chance to.

I have been struggling with dropping the extra KGs over the past two weeks.  Hovering around the 116.5 mark.  I did manage to get under 116, hitting around 115.7 and 115.9 before going over 116 again.

I have been tracking my food input so I was kind of confused as to why I wasnt seeing many results.  I started reading up on different reasons why a weight loss plateau would happen.  Reading up I felt like, everything was correct, until I saw weightlifting for fat burning.  It was then I realised that I had actually started to neglect adding weights to my exercise regime.

It kickboxing day, and I foolishly decided to do the weights inbetween two cardio routines.  I started with 10 minutes of skipping, followed by legs and back, and then finish it off with 15 minutes on the heavy bag.

The following day was treadmill jogging.  After that I did some ab work. Not alot, but enough to feel sore the following day.

Anyways, head to the gym this morning, and start my usual routine of taking my boxing gear to the bag and leaving it there, to establish my dominance but also let the people who are laying down next to the bag that they better move soon… Im sure they can play on their phone somewhere else…

After putting my gear down I head over to the scales and jump on.  Honestly I would have been happy with anywhere in the high 115s, so just I know im back under that 116 cursed zone.  The scale starts dancing around 114.7 and finally stops on 114.8.  this was a good day for me.. because not only have I broken my plateau, but I have also got under my starting weight that I was this time last year when I first tried to lose the weight (and failed miserably!).

I log my results, and my app congratulates me on losing 15 pounds.. which is nice, but its still a fair decent way to go.

Other then that good news, not much happened today.  Just 12 minutes of skipping, 15 minutes on the bag, and alittle bit of chest/back to finish off the routine.

Looking forward hitting the scales, hopefully I am coming into that “once you pass that point the weight just melts off” stage.

-Big W


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