It Begins

Send price enquiry… check

Receive quote.. yup

Click confirm on paypal……. done

And just like that, I have booked in for a training camp 9 hours away in beautiful, and ridicuously hot Thailand.

What made me do this? Well, there are a bunch of reasons.. But the main ones are, I need to lose weight, I need a holiday, and I need something to look forward to.  And a few weeks in Thailand training the brutal sport of Muay Thai ticks all those boxes.

I am by no means fit, if anything I am quite unfit.  I started the year like many others with a new years resolution, like I do every year, and every year I have failed.  Hopefully not this year.

To give you an idea of how I am doing, I did my first weigh in at 122kg (268lb) on January 12th, and am currently, as of yesterday, after hitting a plateau, I hit 115.9kg (255lb).  Not quite on track with my goals, however I am hoping to hit 100kg (220lb) some time around mid July, and the training is not until september, so if I can get below that I will be overwhelmed.

So I am starting this blog as a way to track my progress, and thoughts during the next 5 – 6 months before I dive into what will probably be one of the biggest challenges of my life, and I welcome you to come along for the journey.


-Big W


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