I lost 4.2kg in one week!

Its been a few days since my last blog.. A little has changed.. Ive altered my diet and training slightly, focusing less on actually boxing and more on eating less/cleaner and training harder.. I did hit quite an achievement though.. I lost 4.2kg in one week! How did I do it you ask?? well.. I … Continue reading I lost 4.2kg in one week!


A new day.. A new achievement

I woke up this morning with a positive attitude.. Its not Sunday, but its my Sunday... Shift workers will understand.. Sunday isnt Sunday without Sunday Breakfast, so the missus made me some pancakes.. I resisted the urge over over eating them because they are already bad enough as they are, no need to have a … Continue reading A new day.. A new achievement

Recovery Day

Yesterday was an eventful day. It started with a Muay Thai PT session. Starting off with some conditioning. Followed by some pad work and then working on a bit of technique. I wanted it to simulate a bit of what its going to be like in Thailand. It kind of did however...it was missing that … Continue reading Recovery Day

What a day…

2am.  Wake up, well rested.. Make breakfast.  Keep it healthy. 3am.  Arrive at work, fresh as can be, black coffee. 4am. Protein bar, healthy choice, low carb. Tasty. 5am. Opted to do a different role I usually decline at work. Feeling positive. 8am. Halfway through shift, time for a fruit. Apple, green. 11:55am. Quiting time, … Continue reading What a day…